Why is Strength Training Important?

Why is Strength Training Important?

Weight training helps in strengthening the skeleton muscles with the help of a resistance training such as lifting dumbbells, pulling on a resistance band or pushing against a wall. Increasing progressively resistance or using heavy weights makes muscles stronger. This type of workout helps in increasing the muscles mass, tone muscles, as well as facilitate the strengthening of bones. It also helps in maintaining the strength you require for doing everyday activities like lifting groceries, rising a chair, climbing stair, and rushing for a bus etc. Keep reading this article to know more Why is Strength Training Important. 

A weightlifting is a form of a physical activity. It focuses on working out of a major group of muscles like legs, hips, chest, shoulders, arms, and abdomen. Every muscles group should not be trained for than twice a week.

Add one set of 8 to 12 reps of the same movement in a single session. Your muscles require at least 48 hours to recover between any type of weightlifting sessions.

Here are few tips for safe and effective strength training:

Why is Strength Training Important?

  1. Start with a warmup and cool down exercise for 10 minutes. Walking is the best technique for a full body warm-up. You can include stretching to cool down.
  2. The major focus should be on form and not weight. Keep your body align correctly and move smoothly throughout every exercise. Poor body structure can lead to prompt muscle injury and hence slow gains. For a beginner, start with light weight. Your trainer may guide you with the type of workout you should include. Your focus should be ongoing slow, smooth lifts, and controlled descents while isolating the groups of muscles.
  3. Do not compromise on strength gains through momentum while working at the right tempo which helps you stay in control. For instance, while lowering the weight, count to three, then hold, then count to three while raising it back to the beginning positions.
  4. It is essential to pay attention to your breathing during a workout. As you work against resistance by lifting, pulling, or pushing you should exhale while inhaling as you release. By slowly increasing weight or resistance, keep challenging yourself. An ideal weight differs for you depending on the exercise. Choose a weight that requires strengthening the targeted group of muscle by the last two reps while maintaining a right form. If you can’t maintain the form, try with choosing a lighter weight. If it feels too easy, try to add weight (roughly 1 to 2 kg for arms and 2 to 5 kgs for legs). You can also add an extra rep with a good form and the targeted muscle will feel tired by then.
  5. The best workout includes working out of all major muscles of your body at least two to three times a week. Stick out with your routine. You can also choose full body strength workout two to three times every week. Break away from Why is Strength Training Important into upper body and lower body workout. This will ensure that each targeted muscles are worked.
  6. Take some time off from the workout and give your muscles a rest. Weight training causes a tiny tear in the muscle tissue. These tears aren’t harmful, while they are very essential as you grow stronger as the tears knit up. Always give your body rest to recover before your next strength training session.

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