What us Brazilian Keratin Treatment? This post discusses things to know before getting a Brazilian Keratin. Brazilian keratin treatment is a modern hair straighten procedure. It is a semi-permanent hair straightening method also popular known as Brazillian Hair Straightening

What is Brazilian Keratin Treatment? 

The Brazilian keratin hair treatment is originally formulated using chemical compound methylene glycol H2C(OH)2or formaldehyde H2CO. The chemicals are used to temporarily seal a liquid keratin solution into the hair.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment is also known as Brazilian Blowout which is a popular hair smoothing treatment in India. The treatment makes your hair soft, smooth, and without damaging hair follicles. Since the treatment adds protein to the hair outer layer, making them stronger and frizz-free. It is a popular temporary hair smoothing treatment in India.

Some people may find it strange to use Keratin treatment since our hair is already made of 95% Keratin, while these protein are easily damaged day by day. The hair damage causes depletion can be caused due to heat from styling tools, pollution, chemical based shampoos, treatments like hair colouring and perming. Indeed hair structure can be adversely affected by hormonal changes in the body.

Majority of keratin treatments include hydrolysed proteins. Best keratin treatment salon applies quality keratin treatment in hair fusing it with heat. This process is known as ‘sealing technique’.

Damaged hair due to lack of keratin can make your hair look dull and frizzy in appearance. As a result, your hair becomes prone to split ends and Bittel to hair loss. Replacing it with Brazilan Keratin Hair Solution will ensure your hair straight which rebuilds it to enviable strength which is great for hair growth.

What is the Difference Between Brazilian Keratin and Keratin Treatment? 

Both the treatment does the same job to remove frizz from hair and smooth the locks. Howver, the only major difference between both the treatments is the chemicals involved. Both treatments contain formaldehyde and other chemicals. Thus, it is imperative to ask your stylist about the brand and ingredients to ensure it is the right one for you. Just like various brands of hair products, different brands of treatment yields varying results.