What is Human Resource Management?

What is Human Resource Management?

Human Resource management, or simply HRM, in short, is an important feature of all organizations- be it public or private. This article will help you understand about human resource management, its objective, and scope. So, let’s begin.

What is Human Resource management?

Human Resources means people and thus, Human Resource Management is the process that involves managing people. Every organization has a Human resource management Department that helps them in hiring and managing employees and achieve their goals.

What are the objectives of Human Resource Management?

Every organization has a particular set of goals it aspires to achieve. Mostly, the goals are oriented towards making more profit and take the company to new heights. And to achieve these goals a company requires human resources or simply employees. They may be engineers, researchers, analysts, marketing professionals, accountants, managers, salespersons, production workers etc. all of them are necessary to help companies in making profits and accomplish goals. The objective of Human Resource management is to ensure that the company gets as well as retain the employees that have the necessary skills to accomplish the goals set by the company. They make sure that the employee will meet the financial, social, and intellectual needs of the company.

How do companies attract human resources India?

Companies often look for those individuals who can fit in perfectly with the position and the goals of the company. For this particular purpose, companies make an Employee value Proposition- EVP. The EVP sets the offers a company can present to its employees such as remuneration, benefits, and other similar access. EVP is established and supplemented by the Human Resource Management department. They create a list of benefits for the employees that align with the values of the company. The next step of the HR Department is to select those benefits that are affordable as well as attractive and attract a large proportion of the workforce of the organization. Some of the examples of benefits offered by the companies include training funds, maternity or paternity leaves, funds for conference attendance, discounts on products for employees, security guard escorts, etc.

What is the role of Human Resource management in the companies?

EVP is a powerful tool held by the human resource management India department to attract employees. HR department also has other responsibilities such as recruiting new blood for the company and selecting spaces. They also manage the relationship between the company and the external recruitment firms. Often the department has a hiring manager whose role is to compose advertisements for hiring and also assist in determining the channels on which the advertisement will be shown, for example, a leading newspaper, a popular job portal, social media, specialist journals etc. The replies of the interested candidates are received by the hiring manager and he or she may also ask the HR team to assist in it. Some companies also ask the hiring managers to arrange interviews with the applicants. The interview is taken by the training managers and a member from HR department may also join.

If a selected applicant asks for a higher pay then the hiring manager and offer his or her guidance. HR can then offer a salary range that is justifiable and somewhere in between what the applicant is asking and what the company can offer.

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