There are many top web hosting companies in India. This guide will help you to find the best company. 

If you are looking for best web hosting company, then you have reached the right place. Choose a right web hosting company and move ahead!
This article will help you choose from a list of one of the top web hosting companies in India

Based on their service costs, technical support and services, features, server uploading time, and performance of the site we will give you a clear idea of the background and insight for selecting a service provider. After tons of research, we have brought a list of few top webs hosting companies in India in order to help clients find the right hosting site and start their business.

The list of companies is given below:


  • I Page- provides unlimited web space, email accounts, databases, free domain name and website builder tools
  • Host Gator- offers unlimited web space and bandwidth, shared SSL certificate, free site builder and unlimited email accounts
  • Big Rock- 500 MB of web space, 2 GB data transfer limit, 5 email accounts, and unlimited MYSQL
  • Hosting Raja- 500 MB of web space,, 5 GB data transfer limit, 2 FTP Accounts with free website builder tools and domain name


Steps to find the top web hosting companies in India


You should know that choosing a web hosting company is not an easy task. You should try to find a good Web hosting Service Company that provides best quality services.

  1. Determine Your Hosting Needs: Before investing in a site, establish your requirements for the website you want to build and the types of applications, software and services you want.
  2. Server Uptime Record: a web hosting company takes some downloading time, so to expect the website to have no downtime is impractical. Therefore, depending on your needs, some maintenance might not affect you at all.
  3. Disk Space and Bandwidth: You must make sure that you are offered enough disk space and bandwidth so that you are able to handle the traffic on your site as well as any type of media files that you want to upload. If you exceed your bandwidth limits, your website may shut down and cause uploading problems.
  4. Multiple Add-on Domains: Normally, many web hosting companies provide at least 25 Add-on Domains for one account. So when you purchase a site, make sure you always check for the capacity of the domain.
  5. Control Panel: Select a user-friendly Control Panel, so that you make most out of the tasks. Some of best Control Panel’s cPanel and Plesk.


How to choose between Windows and Linux operating systems

Some of the companies provide Linux Hosting in India while some offer Windows VPS hosting India. The difficulty is how to select between the two. Some of the top companies providing Linux Hosting in India are, Hostgator, big rock and Bluehost. The companies offering Windows VPS hosting India are go4hosting,, Bluehost, and Everdata. Among all kinds of web servers, dedicated to server hosting services were favourite distribution open source Linux OS, at a time. However, this concept has changed now when the market introduced a new Microsoft Windows Server.


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