In this era of hard-working life and no time to rejuvenate, a long bike trip can work wonders on your physical and mental capabilities. But, unlike a tour, where you can just pack your bags and take rest on train/bus, a motorbike trip is very different. In this article, let us focus on the valuable tips for long motorbike trip.

You Are Capable

Is this your first bike trip? Do not worry. Mistakes can happen in the journey, but you will gain more knowledge about the ‘SELF’ during the journey. Just be confident and gracious enough to accept every positives/negative in the journey. You will get the confidence to go on your bike trip.

Why Should You Enjoy The Long Motorbike Trip?

Visualize. How difficult it was for you to drive the same motorbike in heavy traffic? You had the cars/bike surrounding the two-wheeler. It was utmost stress before you went to the office and came home. But during the long motorbike trip, there is nobody, only your fellow motorbike companions. So, enjoy the long motorbike trip.

A.Travel Light

Please do not carry three shoes. One pair is enough. That is if the weather is showing rainy conditions. Ensure you have a riding motorbike gear with glasses. If you are going in a large motorbike rider group, you do not have to worry about missing items. Valuable help is available at hand.

If you have to stay for three to five days among the group, then do not carry shampoo bottles. You can carry sachets. Then there are a disposable toothbrush, tiny soap bars and more. Take clothes which are light in weight. And most important, never forget to have a First Aid box.

B. Trip Partners Or Trip Group

Are you going out in a group? Then please listen to the advice given by the experienced persons. If you feel pain in the body or have a sixth sense about a problem in your motorbike during the journey, ensure you tell the trip leader. Or else, in case of malfunctioning of your bike, the entire group will have to wait. Precious time will be wasted.

C. Modification of Bike Accessories

There are some modifications, you may have to do on your bike. When it comes to a long motorcycle trip. You may have to ride for ten hours in a single day. So, the seats and handle of the motorbikes must be in the right position. Also, motorbike parts need to be in perfect working condition. 

The changes you need to make maybe the new exhaust, good headlights, comfortable seat. During the ride, you should have riding pants and a full-face helmet. 

You are in a motorbike rider group. They have planned a trip from Mumbai to Bangalore via the motorbike. So, you are in a hurry to know if every part of your bike is in working condition. You need not take the motorbike to the mechanic shop. But, you can make the best mechanic skilled in bike servicing in Mumbai, come to your home to service the vehicle. Just search for the companies offering doorstep repair services in Mumbai. Then through the company app installed on your mobile, search for the best pros. Schedule the time of repair as you wish. The concerned mechanic will come and fix the minor problems. The motorbike will get the best maintenance service.

This is one among the most valuable tips for long motorbike trip. 

D. Training

Do you ride occasionally? Once in a fortnight. Then it is vital you ride for an hour every day before the long bike rides. Or else, you will not feel the pleasure nor enjoy the bike trip. Your body needs to adjust to the riding experience.

E. Gears

It is not mentioned. But during the ride, you need to make use of every gear in the motorbike. This will give you the best thrill in the times of a long motorbike trip.

F. Goals

Are you a solo bike rider? Then you need to set your goals every day. Ensure you get time for meals, rest and drinking water. You need to have apps for navigation on your mobile that can work without internet.

G. Choose A Long Distance Motorbike

Not all the motorbikes can be used for a long ride. The body of some motorcycles may look good in design, but when it comes to a long ride, they just fizzle out. 

H. Hair Hurdles

Do you have long hair? Then ensure that the hair strands do not fall on your face. Just put a bandana on the hair and position the helmet. 

I. Weather

You should be ready to tackle any weather condition. If you are going to a hilly area, then rainy conditions are more. So, it is vital to carry raincoats and more. Ensure they are perfect. 

J. Motivation

If you are riding alone, you may experience several hardships on the way. For example, you may get a puncture in the tire. You may have to take the bike for a mile to get it fixed. In such conditions, you need to stay motivated. And ensure to have a DIY motorbike kit handy in case of trouble.

K. Food

Are the places where you ride, devoid of restaurants and hotels? Then ensure you carry enough snacks along the way. You can have energy bars and Glucon-D sachets. And yes, it is mandatory to have pure water in bottles for the journey. This is one among the valuable tips for long motorbike trip.

Do you plan to cook along with your team? Then you should have disposable plates and spoon in the backpack. Ensure if you are diabetic, to have the right medicines on board.

L. Ride In Proper Fashion

Be careful when you are on the road after dusk. There are chances, a vehicle rider may have switched off his lights and coming in the opposite direction. Be careful of truck drivers who drive their vehicles at breakneck speeds.

Please note, you would have to ride safely, following the traffic rules. In a long bike trip, you cannot blame if others are at fault. You need to concentrate on your riding behavior. 


We have given valuable tips for long motorbike trip. And yes, the list is few. We plan to include more tips in the next round of articles.