Top Summer Destinations In Croatia

Top Summer Destinations In Croatia

Croatia is a country which has the best summer destinations. The beaches, hotels, local culture, delicious cuisine, and sunny weather are some of the things that make it significantly attractive. But what are the Croatian destinations that are exceptionally unique? Well, they are many but the top-rated ones include:

1. Pag Island

Found in the Adriatic Sea, Pag is considered the hottest island in Croatia. This is a party destination that features sandy beaches. From clubbing to delicacies to sightseeing, you can’t miss something to do on this Croatian island. The premier tourist spot features open-air clubs which host a wide range of music festivals during summer.

Pag Island allows you to cool off while enjoying the luxury of being on a holiday. Its accessibility makes it a hot spot as well. You can easily reach this island from the mainland via a connecting bridge. Although this charming island has less vegetation, it has beautiful stone walls. Moving around is even made easier thanks to Novalja taxi services.

2. Makarska

This is a renowned port city that’s found on the Dalmatian Coast. Makarska is one of the top summer destinations in Croatia thanks to its stunning beaches. Its nightlife is also so lively and its seafront is absolutely breath-taking.

With its pebble beaches, Makarska simply stands out from the rest of the top Adriatic destinations. Although it covers only 60 KM, its location under the towering and attractive Biokovo Mountain makes it a stunner. It also features a sunny climate and offers magnificent views. From hotels to pizzerias, you cannot miss something to engage your taste buds. You can also find a unique collection of over 3,000 different seashells including the giant-clam shell.

3. The Island of Solta

Its location close to the Adriatic Sea and Split makes it a top-rated summer destination. The Island of Solta is found in the central region of the Dalmatian Archipelago. It features preserved beaches, deep bays, shrubs, herbs, and the famous Solta honey.

This destination is rich in history that dates back to the Roman Empire. Note that it was one of the most popular gateways for Romans during summer. Solta natives used to engage in honey and olive oil production and these are some the things which still attract tourists.

It’s a perfect spot for nature lovers as well as sailors. Furthermore, the Island of Solta is great for hunting, sport fishing, and diving. If you are looking for an ideal summer destination where you can relax and simply enjoy the surrounding nature, then the Island of Solta is the best alternative.

4. The Elafiti Islands

This is a small type of archipelago which contains multiple islands that stretch towards the Adriatic Sea. These islands are among some of the best summer destinations in Croatia that allows you to escape holiday crowds.

What makes them attractive include the traditional life of the locals near the Adriatic Sea. The region is more relaxed and charming. Additionally, the terrain is hilly and forested hence it has a refreshing effect. Some of the Elafiti islands you can explore include Kolocep, Sipan, & Lopud.