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How to Track Weight Loss

There is no easy way to lose weight. Keeping a track of your weight loss journey helps in boosting motivation and fighting back against the weight loss effectively. We all understand that losing weight takes time. If you keep track of your weight loss in a tangible way, you can easily measure it. Let’s learn How

Why is Strength Training Important?

Weight training helps in strengthening the skeleton muscles with the help of a resistance training such as lifting dumbbells, pulling on a resistance band or pushing against a wall. Increasing progressively resistance or using heavy weights makes muscles stronger. This type of workout helps in increasing the muscles mass, tone muscles, as well as facilitate

Why Kick-Ass Strength Training Workout?

If you ask any fitness trainer, ‘how to improve your training?’ he would say ‘increase intensity of workout’. The problem lies, when one says to workout harder, most of us interpret it as increasing the number of sets, reps, or no. of hours at the gym. Keep reading to understand ‘why kick-ass strength training workout’