SEO strategies – 9 effective ways to gain maximum traffic through optimized posts

As a content creator, your main aim is to get the maximum amount of traffic you can to your website. In this day and age, doing that is an incredibly difficult task due to the rapid increase in competition when it comes to content, globally. This is the first thing that any content writing company worries about before anything else, because why create content if people won’t even be able to read it?

1. The foundation of SEO – keywords

It refers to helping your search engine understand what your content is about, so it display it in the results if a user searches for something along the lines of it.

  • Try to focus on only one keyword per article. If you try to use too many, the use might get obvious and the quality most likely won’t be as good. Focus on making that one keyword the perfect one for your article.
  • Understand what the user is looking for. If you can successfully predict what your user will search, and the words they will use to find what they need, then you can use them in your post to increase your traffic. Despite there not being an exact formula to it, the assumptions are usually based on statistics that can be considerably accurate.

2. Get specific with your selection – long tail keywords

Now, we know that keywords are important, but we also need to understand that they can’t just be selected at random. Your keywords need to be specific to what the user might search, which means that long-tail keywords could be incredibly beneficial to your business. These keywords comprise of 3 or 4 words, and are pretty specific to the service you are providing, so that anyone looking for it may be able to find you easily.

3. Titles and subheadings can’t be random

When visiting your website, the first thing people will look at is the heading. You want it to be eye-catching, and a great way to ensure that it shows up in google searches is to include a keyword in them.

  • Your google ranking has a lot to do with the title of your post. This means that a title with a keyword will be prioritized, based on the searches of users.
  • Overdoing things by using too many keywords will make it seem as if you’re just trying to climb higher up in the rankings without providing the proper, relevant content. This could negatively impact your business.

4. Is your post responsive?

A theme compatible with mobile devices is a must when talking about increasing traffic. It’s quite obvious that most users avail services through their smart phones, due to it being the quickest and most convenient way. They always have it with them, which is why a responsive post, i.e. one that ranks on google according to mobile searches, will do a lot better as far as traffic goes.

5. Getting featured snippets

This is one of the main things to consider when talking about SEO, or gaining traffic for your website. Featured snippets refer to the brief description displayed on the top of google search results whenever a person looks something up. Getting a featured snippet is at the top of the to-do list of every company’s digital marketing team, and this could seriously impact how much traffic a website or post gets. It’s something every business should strive for, no matter how big or small.

6. Use the relevant images

Understand the importance of google image search. What people don’t really know or pay much attention to is that a lot of traffic to your website comes from images on it that people may find while looking for something else online. This image brings them directly to your website, thus increasing its traffic.

  • It’s a fairly simple process for a great reward, all you need to do is add alt text to your images, and you’re pretty much good to go!

7. The use of URLs – don’t make it a drag

Short and descriptive URLs are really helpful for trying to positively gain the attention of your customers. It will attract them, unless the URL is long and complicated. That might drive people away, because of course, no one likes complicated characters or dates that they don’t understand – they may even see it as malware of some sort.

8. How fast will they load?

Your pages need to load quickly, otherwise there is a good chance that people will want to click off your website before even getting a chance to look at it. This is a ranking factor and also adds to the overall experience of your reader with your website. It is quite difficult to outrank your competition if your website is slow.

9. Ensure easy navigation

Build your content on the website in a way that the user sees the most important things first. Whether it’s by giving them a sneak peak or even using a different font color or style for different things, make sure you make the website easy to navigate and understand. For example, to get to a specific section of your article, they shouldn’t have to click through fifty other pages and links.

Follow these effevtive SEO strategies and i assure you will get best traffic on your blog post.