Re-thinking About Morning Walk

Re-thinking About Morning Walk

Walking is the simplest form of exercise while it is often neglected because of its more jarring counterparts like running or jogging. Walking is always been consider as an effortless method to stay active. Although, it requires zero equipment and can take place anywhere and besides easy on joints as it involves low impact on your bones. So, why aren’t you walking? Keeping reading to know more why to ‘Re-think About Morning Walk’.

Many people have a misconception about walking as it that it can’t possibly be as beneficial. But, the truth is the benefits of a walking rival that of just about any other form of exercise.



Benefits of Re-thinking About Morning Walk include:

  • lower blood pressure,
  • reduced risk of stroke,
  • decreased risk of heart attack,
  • lower cholesterol,
  • increase in bone density, and
  • increased sense of well-being


4 Stratgeies For Walking

Walking can be a great weight management tool, as well as an effective method for increasing your fitness level. But, because it’s less physically demanding than many other activities, you will need a few strategies at your disposal to get the results you desire.

  1. Change up pace and  duration – there’s a close relationship between how quickly and how far you’re walking. If you’re going slower, you’ll need to go farther. And, if you’re walking faster, you can cut down on the distance. To keep your body guessing, mix it up!
  2. Find a hill (or two!) – incline is a great way to increase your intensity without having to walk faster OR longer.  Not to mention, hills will recruit your lower body a bit differently than flat terrain which will enhance the full body effects.
  3. Add a little weight (not really!) – adding extra weight to your walking workout is another easy way to sneak in a bit of a challenge. While you may have seen folks sporting hand or ankle weights while walking in your neighbourhood, weighted vests are a much safer way to burn a few extra calories. The vest evenly distributes weight naturally and will not alter the way you walk which can lead to injury.
  4. Get creative – spice up your walking routine by throwing in extra exercises along the way. See a park bench on your route? Drop and do a set of push-ups or triceps dips. Find a set of stairs? Take a few trips up and down before moving on. Playground Why not jump on the swing, hang from a bar, or any of the other fun activities that present themselves.


So, come and Re-thinking About Morning Walk


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