Havelock Island is one of the prime tourist destinations in Andaman redefining experiences for tourists. Blessed with an extraordinary beauty of the stunning coastline, white sand beaches, stunning spectacle and unending array of turquoise blue water – Havelock Island is a paradise!

As you set foot on the island you are mesmerized by the peace and tranquillity of the island. While the island has today transformed into a major hub for water sports and adventurous activities, the reason to cherish its silence is well preserved.

Being one of the popular places to visit in Andaman, Havelock Islands have a myriad of options open for you to explore. From planning fun-filled days with your friends for exciting holiday time to spending evenings with your partner for a bountiful romantic experience – Havelock Island has it all!

Radhanagar Beach – A taste of paradise

Awarded as the 8th Best Beach in the World and one of the Best Beaches in Asia – Radhanagar is a truly serene and astounding beauty. The mighty coastline of the beach with serene white sands, clear blue waters and untouched beautiful land is a total surprise. Walk barefoot on the beach with your partner or just spend some splendid time exploring the untouched beauty of this beach, it is one of the most relaxing and comforting experiences one shall come across in Andaman. Known for its pristine beauty and revering silence, Radhanagar beach is one of the idyllic places one should visit to connect to nature in its rawest state.

Kalapathar Beach

Overlooking the beauty of the Bay of Bengal, through a white sand beach with occasional boulders of black stones, Kalapathar is a truly defining experience. Kalapathar Beach rents its name from the presence of the black stones on the beach and underwater which are truly unique and unexplainable.

Unlike other beaches in Havelock, the beach has ample black rocks and stones beautifying its presence. At the beach, you can walk through this distinct beauty graced with silence or take a dip into the water to enjoy the splendid water life. Although the tourists are reminded to be careful of the presence of black boulder underwater!

Govind Nagar Beach – For the love of adventure

One of the most exciting and lively places to visit in Andaman – Govindnagar Beach is the powerhouse of adventure and water sports. With several certified scuba diving operators and water sporting activities to try, at the Govindnagar beach, the travelers can experience the water life of Andaman getting a taste of adrenaline rush.

Discover Scuba diving with the help of certified divers and visit the coral reefs, sea turtles and plethora of fishes under the water in their natural habitat.

At Govindnagar beach one can take up Scuba Diving Certificate courses to learn the art of diving under the water and exploring their fun side. A myriad of water sports like jet-skiing, banana boat rides, glass-bottom boat rides, Sea walking, etc unfold to have a fun time under the clear blue waters.

Elephant Beach

The serenity of Elephant Beach is unbeatable. It is one of the scenic beaches on Havelock island with profound beauty and activities to unleash. While the beach mostly remains isolated, one can find a lot of fishermen leaving for fishing, bottom glass boats for a ride into the ocean and excruciate adventurous activities to explore.

It’s one of the beaches located at a pristine location where one can walk from the white sand beaches to the mighty jungles of Andaman to explore the forestry and wildlife. The trekking trails take you to a hike in this mountainous beach letting you explore the beauty of the jungles like never before.

Vijaynagar Beach

With pristine clear blue water reflecting the clear blue skies and white sand beaches celebrating the beauty of natural creation, Vijayanagar beach is a destination to relax by the beach. Its idyllic state and untouched beauty make it a revering experience.

On Havelock Island, the Vijayanagar beach is popular for its beach exploration, fun time around the waves and some moments of peace. At the beach, you can also explore the endless water sporting activities like parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, sailing, and swimming. The nearby trekking trails open doors to new adventures in the wild with a picturesque view of the ocean in every step.

Laxmanpur Beach

Located just a short distance away from Havelock Island into the Bay of Bengal, Neil Island is an offspring of the Havelock Island with Laxmanpur Beach as one of the powerful destinations of the visit.

The shallow water of the beach, with an abundance of greenery around, and coral reefs to explore – makes it a perfect destination for the travelers to enter into the natural gifts of nature. It is a much celebrate beach for people wanting to spend time watching the sunset, spend moments in the sound of the waves and walk endlessly around the beach.

Owing to its richness of marine life, it is one of the most beautiful beaches to take a dive into the water and explore the joy of meeting the water animals.

South Button National Park

The South Button National Park at Havelock Island takes you to the vast world of greenery, wildlife, and ecstatic natural beauty. While Havelock is mostly about beaches and water sporting, this truly enigmatic national park connects you to the revering presence of the jungles at the center of the island.

Take the trails and walk into the forests to meet vivid wildlife animals, go bird spotting, find rare species of animals and reptiles and breathe in the laps of nature. Surrounded by greenery on all sides and trails leading you to a different beach each time, the South Button National Park is an adventure on its own in Havelock Island.

Spending a day or two at Havelock Island is almost necessary when touring the Andaman Islands. One of the most popular islands of the Ritchie’s Archipelago, the Havelock island unfolds a paradise for you with its untouched beaches, rich marine world and ecstatic sea view like never before!