The tMOBILE APPLICATION TRENDS DUBAI has developed an extreme enthusiasm among mobile applications developers as the latest idea, rising technologies and platforms are breaching up for designing improved applications.

All the major software development companies in Dubai are alarming comparatively secure and well -established mobile application business players. The start-ups have disturbed by the continuous change in the structure of the whole market by enforcing and imposing their own regulations for upcoming mobile apps development. The implications of this advancement in the market have no negative effect of mobile phone developers or mobile network operators. This change is environment has brought an additional opportunity for existing mobile application developers.

Mobile apps developers as balancing in Dubai

The big mobile software’s companies, to effectively compete in the market, needs to attract a larger number of software developers to develop innovative products to survive in the competition. Without the support from the software developers, the development of new mobile applications in Dubai will diminish which will result into a shift of buyer’s demands towards other popular applications that are available in the market. Consequently, modern business models must be offered by these platform builders to remain useful to developers and thus maintain their spirited and competitive gains.

An accomplished business model is the one which offers full cooperation to third-party application publisher or developer as high as possible. This process comprises of developing a friendly relation environment and effective support to the developers. In order to enhance further development, the developers always demand efficient credentials on using a specific operation system (OS). Every supportive application of operating system takes plenty of time to build or create applications. This allows the application developers to allocate the resources to enhance the features and looks of an application rather than disperse them with full of waste coding and unwanted citations.


There are three basic types of Mobile Apps development in Dubai that are trending. These are native apps, web apps and hybrid apps. These are discussed ahead.

1. Native Apps
These apps stay on the gadget and are contacted with the help of icons on the home screen. They can be installed via an application store, for example, the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. These apps are specifically developed for only one platform and can obtain the full benefit of all the features of the device. These apps can use the GPS, camera, compass, accelerator, contacts, etc. They can also integrate gestures, standard operating-system or new, app-defined, can utilize the notification system of the device and work offline as well.

2. Web Apps
They are not really applications, but are websites that look and feel like native apps, but do not execute as such. They run by a browser and usually coded in HTML 5. Web apps can be accessed like any other web page, the users have to go to a specific URL and then they get an option of “installing” the apps on the home screen of their device and can generate a bookmark to that page. After the introduction of HTML 5, the web apps became really popular and people started realizing that they can get the functionality of native apps in the browser also. Today there are many sites that are using HTML 5.

3. Hybrid apps
They are partially native apps, and partly web apps. Therefore, they can also be classified under web apps, as they are a modification of web apps. Just like native apps, then the user can get them from an app store and can take benefit of the available device. Hybrid apps are similar to web apps such that they rely on HTML.

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