Keratin treatment is a secret to smooth and shiny looking hairs for many women. If you need frizzy hair fix here is a step-by-step guide for beginners to keratin treatment to hair.

What is Keratin Treatment? 

Keratin treatment is a chemical-based approach to revive hair. Keratin smoothing treatment products apply to hair removes frizziness, boost strengthen, and repair them. Modern lifestyle contributes to damaging hair. Moreover, pollution, stress, sedentary lifestyle etc adds more to temper hair health. Thus, keratin is applied to the hair in the form of a cream to rejuvenate hair.

Video: Keratin Treatment to Hair Explained

New to keratin treatment? Start with this easy to understand what are keratin treatments video. It will quickly cover the topic on what is keratin treatment for.

More Keratin Treatment for Hair Advice For Beginners

To understand true keratin treatment meaning, let’s breakdown the definition and look at the parts.

What is keratin?

Keratin is a form of protein that makes up your hair, nail, and skin. Keratin is also found in internal organs and glands. According to Wikipedia, keratin is a protein that helps strengthen hair to hair damage and breakage. It is essential to maintain strong hair. Is it a key structural building block.

What is keratin?
Wikipedia explains keratin

Chemical structure of keratin

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chemical structure of keratin

α-keratin is a polypeptide chain, typically high in alanine, leucine, arginine, and cysteine, that forms a right-handed α-helix.Two of these polypeptide chains twist together to form a left-handed helical structure known as a coiled-coil.