How to Track Weight Loss

How to Track Weight Loss

There is no easy way to lose weight. Keeping a track of your weight loss journey helps in boosting motivation and fighting back against the weight loss effectively. We all understand that losing weight takes time. If you keep track of your weight loss in a tangible way, you can easily measure it. Let’s learn How to Track Weight Loss. 

Seeing bright and positive results can motivate you. If you are not sure about how to keep track of your weight loss then check out these simple options and adopt the technique which best suits you. The track weight loss excel in to keep you motivated throughout your training. 


Here is your guide to How to Track Weight Loss

1. Investing in a scale

The most obvious way to track a weight loss is simply by weighing yourself. Several fitness trainers will tell you that how you should monitor your weight weekly or monthly. Anything more than this can come to too fixated about the numbers. The daily weight fluctuation can come from water weight, periods, bloating, or food you chose to eat.

So when to weight? Weigh yourself in morning, before your first meal. It will give you a more consistent baseline in order to track your progress.

2. Check your clothing

A great way to check whether you are losing weight or not is how your clothing fits.  Before you check on how much dress size you have drop, first pay attention to how your current clothes fit. You may see small changes in the clothes that now fit you. Like for me, when I first started to lose inches from stomach, legs, and arms, I could surely see the difference in the way my clothes fit now. Try track weight loss with friends to boost your motivation. 

Every person body behaves differently, including the way they lose weight. Initially, many people may lose weight in their midsection area. To get a sense of that where you are losing the most of the fat is through measuring the right areas like waist, upper arms, bust, neck, and thighs.  Track your size on monthly basis to see how things change over time. If you see no changes, don’t be alarmed as a measuring tape won’t be able to record all fat loss. Additionally, if you are working on your body to build muscles, you may stay the same or may even increase in size.

3. Track your body composition

This method can be harder to do on your own. You can visit an expert who can measure your body composition to track your weight loss. There are many ways to go about this. The one method is to measure the body weight with an electrical current. This test can be a little expensive but one thing you can be sure about it that it is worth every penny to spend. Hope we have resolved your query for, How to Track Weight Loss.

The test will tell you how much your body is fat composed and lean tissue which means that how much you are losing and how much muscles you are gaining. Most of the gyms provide facility to measure body composition and metabolic rate. In this case, talk to your gym trainer. You can also try Track Weight loss app. 

4. Taking photos of yourself

It can be hard to gain perspective when it comes to weight loss and how we look. Checking on small changes that add up over the time. Taking photos is a convenient way to work around with. You might have a dramatic before and after transformation photos like many other woman experience.

Make sure you date every picture you take. Do this every four or six weeks and you will be astonished to see how small changes changed your life over a long time.  

5. Track Weight loss app 

You can also download a weight loss app on your smartphone. This will help you in tracking your weight loss over a long-run. Not only this, these types of mobile applications keep you motivated throughout your workout training to weight loss. This will hep you with, How to Track Weight Loss.


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