There are so many tools that show you how to relieve stress and it is no wonder. There is a lot of stress in the world today. Generally, people have little time for anything as they are so busy.

We are victims of a world gone mad. Think about it. We run around like crazy all day just so we don’t have enough time. Money, success, careers, and family are what drives us to keep going day in and day out and as a result, we have become ‘stressed out’; ticking time bombs ready to blow at any minute.

The symptoms of stress can be fatal leading to disease, chronic illness, hypertension, and even heart attack. Many people don’t realize the stress they put themselves under on a daily basis.

Our bodies have amazing coping mechanisms that protect us from a sudden burst of stress which could be caused by a traumatic event or fear. We were not however supposed to deal with stress all the time.

So how does one relieve stress and avoid the effects of it on the body? The following are 7 tips for effective stress relief.

Get off adrenaline

One of the best tips on how to relieve stress is to plan better. Life happens and there are always going to surprise you can’t avoid but it doesn’t have to be like this all of the time.

A little planning can be the best thing you can do to keep your stress levels down. Remember it is your health and sanity on the line when you relax in air conditioning Sydney.

Stop Caffeine and Nicotine

The second thing is to drink less caffeine and if you are a smoker to cut back, or better yet, quit smoking. Caffeine and Nicotine put a lot of unnecessary stress on the body.

Get some exercise

It doesn’t really matter what you consider exercise. It could be jogging or taking a long brisk walk or even doing a workout at the gym. What is important is that you exercise regularly and you do an exercise that relaxes you. There is no point in exercising if you hate every minute while you are doing it.

Relaxation and meditation

It sounds easy to say just relax or chill out but most people don’t know how to. It is not necessary to meditate like a Zen master, although this can be very relaxing, you should take a time out where you are free from disruptions and noise and you can have a little alone time.

Spoil yourself

Ladies this does not mean go on a shopping spree. It does mean doing something for yourself. You could just take the time to be by yourself without any interruptions or you could go treat yourself to a massage or a good book.

Video and board games

Games can be a great way to relieve stress. Just be sure to avoid playing with competitive people as your game could end up being very tense and not enjoyable at all. There are some great free software games you can download off the internet that is great to help relieve stress.

Sleep it off

Rest properly. Disruptions to your sleeping patterns can cause tremendous stress on your body. Part of resting properly is to stop thinking. This may sound impossible but you can control how you react to worrying and constant what-if thoughts about work or money.

You do not need to do all of the above right away but you should start with one, get in the habit of doing it regularly and then start the next one. Remember that whatever you choose to do should help you to relax. Get started today as you rest under ducted air conditioning Sydney.

Give yourself a break

Go easy on yourself. We often judge ourselves more harshly than we would other people. If a friend is going through a bad time and things are going wrong, we don’t castigate them and throw it all in their faces – we try to smooth things over, help them see the bright side of things. It’s unfortunate we don’t treat ourselves so compassionately when the tables are turned.


I’m sure a lot of people equate meditation with some sort of new-age quackery, not something the average man (or woman) on the street would be involved in. Meditation refers to a broad range of practices from the deeply religious to the ‘merely’ relaxing and de-stressing.

Practice Gratitude

How many times have you heard or read about the benefits of adopting an attitude of gratitude? It’s not a new idea and there is a lot of value in the idea. It’s all part of assuming a positive mindset. If we can appreciate and focus on the good things we have, it will set up the right vibrations to attract more of the same.