The Google September update is just around the corner and we are here to now share the analysis of the recent update. We have gathered large amounts of data from community reaction, SEO tool providers and we have also sought the advice of Google.

Understanding Google core update

A Google core update can be defined as when Google aligns its core search algorithm with the aim of providing more pertinent and appropriate search results to the people. These updates are done every quarter and now they have been confirmed by Google.

Changed Rankings

Search results get modified with every Google update, quality update, and core update and even with some interface updates. Some websites have seen a raise in their search positions for prime keywords while others may have gone through a drop. These updates have also impacted the rates which may have led to a difference in traffic. More than 3,200 changes were made last year but the algorithm modifications take place several times a year along with some big core updates that take place once in a quarter.

2019 September Update Data

This data has been taken from a number of SEO tool providers. It shows that the September update wasn’t as impactful and strong as compared to June update. The September update seems to have a powerful impact on life-money category. 

September 27, 2018 Update- On September 27 many there were a number of ups and downs in the traffic as a signal of some new update which was not as huge as other updates. 

Another update was on 1st August 2018 and it was one of the biggest algorithm update. The volatility rates also saw a significant change with this update. Some of the updates from 2018 are as follows:

  • Introduction of People also search for box.
  • Data Adding
  • A twitter account made only for search news
  • Search limits changed
  • HTTP gets switched to HTTPS
  • Featured Snippets multifaceted
  • Mentioned On Wikipedia 
  • Mobile first index
  • Adword  features

Let’s See What Other Brands Have To Say About Recent Google September Update

Google September 2019 Core Update

  • Sistrix– Sistrix gave a glimpse about its initial impressions that are travel domains, medical and media.
  • Rankranger– Rankranger told us that the sectors which have suffered the most are finance and health sector. There are certain other websites that are the biggest winners such as additioncenter, autoguide and biologydictionary. 
  • SEMrush– This tells us that the average rate of volatility for the month of September is 4.7. Categories such as Sports and news have a higher volatility rate and are also prone to some bigger changes. The company was of the view that it did not encounter a deep pattern for winners as well as the looser with respect to this update. Dailymail, eBackPage and marionschool are some of the biggest winners according to SEMrush and Monks, Braidingclub and FourMusic were some of the biggest losers.