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Simple Reasons Why You Need A Relationship Goals?

It’s no secret that relationships go through peaks and pitfalls. For some, maintaining a long-term relationship can be difficult. Couples don’t always have the same expectations or the same outlook on life. One of the worst things to have to happen to a relationship is to have it suffer from ‘miscommunication’. That’s right! Relationship goals

We Both Know

We both know we can’t live, Without each other, Still, you keep me away, From yourself.   I begged you, Not to lose me.   You let me go away from you, I destroyed myself, The fear of pain of losing you, I can never get you back.   It’s too late baby, You cut

In Love with a Forbidden Stranger

It all started when this new boy joined our college. He was very good looking, and I was instantly attracted to him. I wanted to talk to him. I was sure he’ll be my friend. No boy has ever rejected me. I was tall, skinny, had a perfect face, light brown hair, and big brown

Beyond the Pain of Losing Someone

I always wonder what it will be like losing someone. Read more: Beyond the Pain of Losing Someone  Like hell! Yes, no matter how much I was pretending to be strong and bold, the ‘break-up’ carried me away too- like a storm. A thunderstorm which blasts my heart like a bomb into a hundred pieces. This