Beyond the Pain of Losing Someone

Beyond the Pain of Losing Someone

I always wonder what it will be like losing someone. Read more: Beyond the Pain of Losing Someone 

Like hell!

Yes, no matter how much I was pretending to be strong and bold, the ‘break-up’ carried me away too- like a storm. A thunderstorm which blasts my heart like a bomb into a hundred pieces.

This wasn’t enough, I was in dual mind. There was a guilt inside me of losing him. Though, I knew it was his fault.

Who is guilty?

It was his fault, every day he would feel he potentially comes up with ideas to make me feel jealous. For him, this is one life to live. For me, this is the only life I can be with him.

Now, as he made plans to turn me into the “angry bird”, he has to bear the consequences.

The dual psychology

Every time I fight with him, I feel regretful. Is this a common ‘girl mindset’?. I would say my hormones. My body, soul, and heart need me to be mine forever. The strong, so-called ’empowered women’ want to get off with him, and ‘****’ some else.

The best excuse to patch up

Blame hormones in girls! God gave you a gift of periods, use it wisely. If you want to patch again, tell him it was hormones. He will surely forgive ( if he cares).

Know whats right thing to say

While going through the traumatic experience, it is not easy to know what you want to say. Knowing what is right and wrong can be even more confusing. Take some time out to know what you want before you say anything.  Saying the wrong things can also make things more complicated.


Hey girls, the comment box is always for you to share your experience with other girls. Let’s bond together and help each other with hard times. This is Beyond the Pain of Losing Someone! 

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