SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not new these days. Because of its excellent results in improving the visibility of the website, it’s often used by website owners. Here we will discuss about the top 20 SEO tools which can help you in 2019. So, let’s get started.

#1 Google PageSpeed Insights

With this amazing SEO tool, you can easily check the speed and usability of the website from any device. Just enter the URL in the requested box and you will get the loading time and performance for both devices i.e. mobile and desktop. Moreover, it suggests improvement points to reduce the loading speed of the website.


Simply enter the keyword and this tool comes up with the handful list of long tail keywords and commonly asked question related to keyword.

# 3 Moz Local Listing Score

Want to see how your business looks online? Moz local listing score will help you. It crunches data from ten different sources which includes Google, Facebook and Yelp. It also informs about the actionable fixes for the website.

#4 Google Analytics

Looking for an SEO tool free? Google Analytics will track every bit of traffic you can imagine on the website. Also, it can show you the number of visitors coming from the keywords or directly visiting on the URL. Do not miss this amazing SEO tool for free website checking.

#5 Ahrefs Backlink Checker

Do you want to know the top SEO tool in the market? Yes! AHREF is a promoting SEO tool for website audit endorsed by thousands of SEO professionals worldwide. AHREF allows you to check top 100 backlinks on any website or URL including other details like URL Rating and Domain Rating where applicable.

# 6 Google Search Console + Bing Webmaster Tools

Both of the webmaster tools will tell you what these search engines think about your website. It can help in knowing the alerts, bugs, indexing issues, etc.

# 7 Moz link Explorer

This tool will come up with the complete overview of the website including the links which are most impactful and most linked-to pages.

# 8 Google keyword planner

Searching the stats of the keyword is a tough task but with Google keyword planner it becomes much easier. Simply enter the keyword in the tool and Google will tell you all other related keywords, competition, monthly search volume, etc.

# 9 in an incognito window

Searching on the incognito window brings up the list of autofill options which were searched when you were signed in. Also, it is one of the best ways to know true rank of a webpage on the search engine.

# 10 Google Trends

Its true that some of the keywords are always popular on the search engine, but there are many which have seasonal popularity. Google Trends helps you in knowing it and comparing the relative popularity.

# 11 Ahrefs SEO toolbar

This enables you to check the online traffic for each month, a number of keywords it ranks for, backlinks, CPC, search volume and keywords which are facing difficulty.

# 12 SEO Web Page Analyzer

On-page SEO plays a vital role in promoting your business online. To check heading structure errors, missing image alt tags and other issues related to On-page SEO you can use SEO Web Page Analyser

 #13 SERP Simulator

With SERP Simulator, you can easily check how your WebPages will look in the search engine results list. Both Meta title and description is shown for mobile and desktop version in order to fix if there is any error.

 #14 Schema Creator

If you want to display your website reviews on the search results of the search engine then Schema Creator can make it for you. Whether you wish to add reviews, organizations, events or images you can customize with this amazing tool.

#15 Similar Web

Now, you can search for traffic stats for any domain by using Similar Web Tool. It also breakdown the traffic location, sources and more.

#16 SERP Robot

Check the ranking positions up to five keywords for your website. It also enables you to search ranking of your competitor websites.

#17 XML Sitemaps

Looking to build sitemap without any hassle? It’s time to use XML sitemaps tool. Just enter the URL and fill few optional fields and it will get sitemap which you can upload on webmaster tools. Its free up to 500 pages.

#18 Browseo

If you want to see how search engine spiders see your website then use Browseo. It will tell you the complete hierarchy followed by the search engine for a given element.

#19 SEO Site Checkup

If your website faces on-page or other technical SEO issues you may contact the SEO expert. But with SEO site Checkup tool, you can easily audit your complete website and come to know about the issues related to the on-page SEO.

#20 Yoast SEO

By simply entering the keyword in Yoast SEO tool, you can know how to tweak your blog post to optimize for the search engine.