Mumbai is a place for shopaholics and it is often visited by people with merely shopping intentions.  It features both top-notch shopping malls and shopping streets with local shops. You’ll be surprised by the collection, varieties, and the total vibe of shops and shopping places here. There are so many places to visit  near Mumbai that one can go to enjoy weekends. 

1. Coloba Causeway

Coloba Causeway is popular as a shopper’s paradise amidst the locals. It has some excellent accessories and clothes stores along with home decor shops. Amidst accessories, you might find some unique earrings here. Home decor items like antiques, curios, and lampshades can be purchased at some affordable rates in this marketplace.

2. Chor Bazaar

Chor Bazaar of Mumbai is a marketplace where antiques and vintage items are sold. The origin of this market was somewhere around 150 years back. There are stolen goods sold here and that’s where the name of the market comes. It is a bustling market where you can find almost anything.

3. Linking Road

Linking Road is one of the marketplaces where the localities of Mumbai head to shop for the trendiest accessories, clothes, footwear, etc. There are both street stalls and branded showrooms here on this road. This market is a perfect place where a combination of traditional and modern is conveniently available.

4. Dharavi Leather Market

Dharavi Leather Market is a marketplace where you’ll find every fine leather item you can ask for. Leather might just be a material that is quite costly but this marketplace boasts amazing leather goods at reasonable prices. Plus, the items are of supreme quality. From wallets to bags to jackets to belts, this markets has it all. You name the leather good you desire and this market will have it for you at a pocket-friendly price tag.

5. Fashion Street

Fashion Street features over 150 shops featuring various fashionable items including accessories, footwear, clothing, denim, hats, etc. There are also some fine restaurants nestled on the street where you can head for some mid-shopping snacking. This place is popular for all the trendy stuff and is flooded with youngsters.

If you are someone who loves beaches or fond of doing  water activities or someone who loves to party hard  then you can also visit Goa as there are many places to visit in Goa  that you may love, A lot of people, who comes to Mumbai also visits Goa.