Backlinks are one of the most important parts of search engine optimization technique. To perform a successful SEO and move your website up in the ladder with the other competing websites for more and more people to view it and come in contact it, backlinks play a very vital role.

Backlinks means linking your website with any other external website to attract more traffic to your own. When people visit any website and click on the backlinks of your website attached to the content of the website, it diverts them towards your website. This helps in the better ranking of your website in the search engine ranking and brings your website to the top search pages.

What is Backlinks and there types? 

A backlink is an internal link coming from a reference webpage to linked webpage. Creating backlinks for a website is an important link-building strategy. According to Google News, backlinks from higher domain authority and relevant webpage improve SEO. Many digital marketers swear by the backlinking technique. A backlink is broadly classified as: 

Type 1: Internal Backlinks

Internal link-building is an On-Page Search Engine Optimization technique. An internal backlink is a hyperlink that points to another webpage on the same domain. They are essential to establish a strong website. Internal links ensure that bots crawl and connect webpage together. 

Type 2: External Backlinks

External link is a hyperlink that point at any domain. Each external links placed on the website leaks authority. A high-quality backlink helps Google search engine to recognize website worthy.

Both internal and external backlinks an imperative strategy to boost SEO. The two link-building technique is essential for beginning more website traffic, leads, and sales.

What are the Benefits of backlinks checker tools?

Backlinks checker provides access to Backlinks profile of any website which helps you find

  • Who is linking to your site
  • How many backlinks have your own site created
  • Which Content on your page is attracting an audience
  • What are the backlinks of other competitors websites to find the best possible ways to link your site
  • How to do a backlink analysis for any website
  • Which keywords are attracting most links

How to generate quality backlinks for your website?

  • Write good content on your website
  • Use broken links to recreate a new version of the content
  • Try to duplicate competitor’s backlinks for link opportunities
  • Guest blogging which means writing a post for other blogs also attracts large audience

Though there are many ways to check backlinks, the most efficient way is to use backlinks checker tools. Backlinks checker tools are used to perform the above tasks for prompt results. There are many backlinks checker tools available, but not all are as efficient enough to provide accurate and consistent results every time for best performance.

Top 30+ Backlink Checker Tools 2020

 Here is a list of 30 best backlinks checker tools which are highly efficient and will work wonders to bring your website to heights.

1. SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the most popular and widely known SEO tools. Initially it was used for keyword analysis in a graphical layout but later it became a backlink checker tool. It helps compare different domains to get an edge over the competitors and to get an exclusive list of referencing domains, IPs, Links from educational and govt. sites. It also gives an option to convert it into PDF and the dashboard is simple to use. The monthly subscription starts from $99.95 for exclusive analysis, though the free version is also quite good

2. Openlink profiler

Openlink profiler is another highly effective SEO tool which is a provider of backlink checker service. It has a huge collection of latest backlinks to any site which makes maximum backlinks to a particular domain. Openlink profiler is a user-friendly tool which is simple to use and impressively colour-coded to display results effectively.

To separate outdated links, it provides links that were active recently. The LIS or Link Influence Score is a feature of Openlink profiler which helps detect and rank the quality of backlinks to find the exact worth of the site. Openlink profiler has both free and paid versions starting from $69.95 per month.

3. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a well-known backlink checker tool with highly established clientele namely Yahoo, Buzzfeed and Newscorp which gives it a huge plus point in the market. One of the most outstanding features of Buzzsumo is the influencer tab on its page which serves as a great advantage for building links and extends the reach further. Other features include an impressive dashboard, efficient processing of keywords and URL both, particular or specific webpage backlink check and it also shows the list of highest ranked pages on any topic. There is a free and the paid version of it. The subscription starts at a price of $99/month

4. Serpstat

Serpstat is an all-rounder SEO platform since it provides services for SEO, PPC and also content marketing with its 5 master tools including rank tracking, site audit, backlink analysis, keyword research and competitive analysis. Speaking of it being a backlink checker, it holds a prominent space because it helps in scrutinizing backlink profiles, examining the latest and lost backlinks, calculating link’s relevance, finding anchors and searching competitor’s backlinks. It provides a graphical representation of the number of domains, subnets, domain zones, trust rank, page rank, IPs, count of indexed pages, and also the count of regularly used anchors. It also helps in finding the sequence of outgoing links to resources and flow metrics. The free version provides results for 10 queries/day and also 20 results/report and the paid version begins from $19.

5. Ahrefs

This tool is considered as the market leader in concern with backlinks checker tools since they are very accurate with the data and also have exceptional backlinks coverage. It gives live backlink references for any website. It helps us examine all the links and to view the domain authority of the referrer. It provides an option of domains rating which gives a clear indication of the website value referenced by your site.

They also provide complete analysis on do follow and no follow backlinks, as text or image backlinks other than the basic searches. It gives a graphical presentation on the count of shares a domain has received on social media. It also incorporates useful features of content explorer, keyword explorer and alert as well. The monthly subscription of Ahrefs begins from $99- $999 depending on the coverage level and it also has a 7-day trial version for $7.

6. Majestic SEO

It is one of the most widely used SEO tools by experts and holds a prominent space in the market. It helps in detailed segmentation of all types of backlinks on your site like government or education etc. It also helps access outer links and referring domains in a time specific chart format. It has a huge database of links and could also examine the quality of links coming from external sources. The biggest advantage of this tool is the free link profile download option of the opponent to have a clear idea of ways to find how the website gained backlinks. The monthly subscription starts from £ 64.99- £ 319.99.

7. SEO spyglass

It is a new backlink checker tool which provides effective results by carefully evaluating the searches. It has also updated and recently increased its indexed links database to 15 billion which is more than its other competitors. It is software which runs from system and collects all the live links. It provides only fresh links unlike other sites and provides huge backlinks for one single URL. The paid version of it provides access to use as many backlinks and also gives the exporting option.

8. Google search console

Google search console are the key elements for SEO since it’s all about improvising the websites for Google after all. Google search console which was previously known as Google webmaster tool is an effective tool for evaluating and examining the performance of any website. It provides access to submit latest content for crawling and because of the integrated link that search console has the Google search results pages, it helps in accurately finding aspects that are affecting the ranking either better or worse of SEO of any webpage. Google also provide satisfaction to its users for better safety from malware etc. in the website.

9. Kerboo

Kerboo is an effective but slightly on the expensive side backlink checker tools. It proudly declares its services as world-class because of its high-quality analytical tools which use multiple sources for data for the highest level of accuracy and performance. To find the value of any backlink, they have even developed Link Risk Score. Kerboo tool is so detailed that it could study each and every link on the competitor’s site and it has also received the best software SEO award in UK Search 2014-15.

10. Monitor backlinks

To improve Monitor backlinks is one of the simplest ways to check your ineffective links and find competitors good links. It has the cheapest pricing structure compared to other tools. The auto-discovery feature of monitor backlinks allows the users to have access to all automated services and examines keywords, domain references. Users also get timely reports via mail on their website’s performance.

11. Backlink watch

It is one of the simplest tools to examine backlink profiles of any websites. It is quite a reliable service for accurate results since it uses API (Application Programming Interface) Ahrefs. It helps in building quality backlinks and inbound links for effective SEO performance.

12. Linkody

Linkody are considered specialists in backlink checking. They provide easy and clear web results page with helps in saving time. They mainly concentrate on checking the quality and authority of link references. It is a great tool for beginners because of its simple and quick interface. The users with membership get more accurate analysis about the page and domain authority of their backlink references at ease. Better than the free version with fewer services, the premium membership starts at €13.90/month.

13. Linkminer

Linkminer is also one of the simple and best backlink checker tools available. As the name suggests, it mines out the strongest backlinks of the opponents with its huge database. It provides access to website preview of the referring site and also determines the anchor placement in a click. It focuses only on the particular useful type of backlinks

And automatically saves the needed links. The premium version of it starts from $39.90/month.

14. The Hoth

It is basically a free backlink checker tool where you could check the existing backlinks and view top backlinks from a particular domain. It delivers quality links with the tool of Ahrefs, which helps it beat the competitors and attract more reference traffic. It allows the users to have a count of backlinks and anchor text etc. and is also one of the highly-rated backlink analysis tools.

15. Link diagnosis

Link diagnosis is a reliable and effective tool for backlink checking. It provides access to wide options of features like no follow, missing, good and do follow links. It helps users to process internal page and external links and find quality backlinks for high-performance SEO. Previously it also had an option of page rank distribution which no longer exists now.

16. Google alerts

A Google alert is a simple way to receive free alerts while monitoring a mention on the web and provides basic information on any link. It sends free alerts when your chosen words are mentioned online. It helps you determine the timeline as to when the competitor is mentioned as link online and that could help in further action.

17. Cognitive SEO

It is a free backlink checker tool used to find link building opportunities, check rating and ranking for own and competitor’s websites. The main features of a Cognitive SEO includes fast examining of the backlink profile, latest information about inbound links, domain authority, anchor text, live and lost backlinks and reference domain. It provides analysis of the backlink profile history for better opportunities.

18. Link research tools

It is a Link checker tool which keeps a record of the links built and also examines large profiles. The features of link research tools include checking backlinks you built are still live, receiving alerts about link status change, check ad status, monthly or weekly link check, checking thousands of URL at a time and emailed reports

19. SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite is said to have proven results. Its benefits include improved ranking, more audience to increase sales, Quicker SEO for saving time and the features are excellent link analysis, Strong keyword analysis, competition analysis, website audit and optimization of the content for reaching the top ranking by eliminating the opposition.

20. Moz link explorer

Moz link explorer is one of the oldest and known backlink analysis tools. It offers features such as viewing the links of any website, check for spam score backlinks, find broken links, analysis of anchor text, search opponents’ backlinks and perform domain authority check. It has also developed the unique feature of live link index for better performance.

21. SmallSEO Tools backlink checker

It is also one of the prominent backlink checker tools. The key features of this tool include tracking backlinks, discovering the best performing content of your site, processing audit for any website, finding useful keywords and also finding competitors precious links to improve your ranking.

22. Rank signals

Rank signals helps to attract traffic to own website by improving the link profile and analyzing competitor’s backlinks to build new links. The other features include identification of bad and broken links, finding links which are do follow and no follow, identifying the best links by both internal and external link ratio and page rank and also knowing the social metrics by social media channels

23. Alexa

Alexa is one of the most effective tools to find competitors valuable and precious backlinks to improve one own website ranking. The features of the Alexa tool include finding new audience, getting new content ideas by knowing the content type reliable sites need and would want to link, shortlist the best backlinks and recognize the backlink gaps.

24. Check my links

Check my links is basically a link checker used by content editors and web designers but it is used as a backlink checker as well. It searches through different web pages and is used to find broken links to recreate new content. It swiftly finds all links attached to the web page and shows the valid and broken links.

25. Rankwatch

Rankwatch is a free backlink developer tool and helps in making a powerful link building strategy. It examines the number of domains and pages linked to a website, it provides back linking information such as quality and domain authority of the link. It also builds a summary of the backlink history of the site, examines backlink checker data and also checks the sources of the backlinks.

26. Duplichecker

Duplichecker is one such useful website for checking broken links to recreate new content, check reciprocal links, to provide analysis of off-page SEO, checking link price and also to check competitors complete backlink profile

27. Inbound Link Checker

It is also one of the good free backlink checker tools to study backlinks on own site and to make a comparison among the competitors. Other features include reviewing off-page SEO, providing a quick conclusion on the number of backlinks, domains and no follow links and also reduce the chances for a low page rank of your website.

28. Webmeup

Webmeup is one of the fastest-growing backlink analysis tools. Its features include backlink indexing, viewing unique SEO significant backlinks of any site, examining link profile to find risky links, download links of competitors and finally, Webmeup provides initial source of backlink data to SEO Powersuite.

29. Seobility

As the name suggests, Seobility increases your website’s SEO performance. It is a free backlink and domain checker tool which would help you check the backlink profile for your own and of the competitor to find better opportunities of getting top ranking to earn more.

30. Open site explorer

Open site explorer is a product of Moz and is a great tool for checking backlinks. It is highly popular among experts for its user-friendly interface. It uses Moz’s algorithms to explore quality links and find set of existing backlinks to develop link building opportunities. With the SEO expertise of Moz, it delivers prompt and exceptional service to its users. There is a free version available for Open site explorer but the search count is limited with it. The monthly subscription of Moz pro is advisable which starts from $99/month