15 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Himachal Pradesh on Your Honeymoon

15 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Himachal Pradesh on Your Honeymoon

Honeymoon couples look for privacy and romanticism in the air along with the beauty of the place when they scout for honeymoon destinations. They also want exoticism while they look out for the best budget and seclusion along with natural beauty. Let’s look at some of the best reasons to have a blissful honeymoon in Himachal Pradesh.

1. Kasauli’s Soothing Vibes

Kasauli is an elegant and sleepy little hill station nestled in the majestic Dhauladhar Ranges covered with green thick forests of oak, pine, and chestnut. Kasauli makes for an ideal destination for honeymooners on account of its soothing scenery and seclusion. Couples can choose Kasauli and can combine it with Honeymoon in Shimla to make a joyous start to their married life.

2. Magical Chamba Valley

The honeymoon couples will fall in love with the magical exoticism of Chamba Valley. The ruggedness and remoteness of Chamba make for a fairy-tale honeymoon.

3. Stunning Kufri

Kufri gives honeymoon couples abundant reasons to be in love with nature and with each other in magnificent surroundings. Begin the love relationship for life with a stay in a cozy cottage relaxing and watching the idyllic clouds drifting past in the sky and colorful birds chirping around.

4. Alluring Beauty of Dalhousie

Dalhousie is gifted with a high degree of natural charm, tranquillity, pleasant climate and scenic settings away from the bustling crowd. It is one of the best honeymoon destinations of Himachal.

5. Old World Charm of Shimla

Honeymoon in Shimla is blissful with state-of-the-art accommodation options and the antiquated charm of the Himalayas wrapped in thick forests of pines and deodars. The beauty and quietude of this crowned capital of Himachal tourism has the allure of snow-capped mountains, fresh air and striking grandeur to make for a picture-perfect honeymoon destination.

6. Spectacular Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley has a sensational beauty of stark rugged terrains, a face of Himalaya that is not usually found elsewhere. The banded rocky colourful mountain slopes with arid vegetation is simply spellbinding and is an excellent honeymoon destination. The tranquillity away from civilization and the splendid views and astonishing beauty of Buddhist monasteries and the unique influence of Tibetan culture make Spiti a much loved destination for trekkers, hikers and nature lovers.

7. The Charm of Switzerland in Khajjiyar

Khajjiyar is a mellowed beauty arising from the mystic charm the Dhauladhar Mountain ranges in Himachal Pradesh. It is a serene valley with extensive meadows covered in a shroud of intense green forests and mists and bordered with sheath of towering deodars. Khajjiyar is unparalleled in beauty and makes for a picture-postcard honeymoon destination.

8. The Magical Hills of Manali

The towering and gorgeous Himalayas surrounding Manali with the peaceful and serene settings, makes it among the top favorites of honeymoon couples from all across the world. Manali has stunning valleys blanketed by green and fresh mountain air filled with a fragrance of pines and cedars. The beauty of glistening Beas splashing down the mountainsides mixes magic in the air and adds to the joy of honeymoon bliss.

9. Exhilarating Views from Auli

Auli is enchanting with the added thrills of skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports. Honeymoon couples also enjoy the refreshing views of the Himalayan ranges as they absorb the golden rays of the early morning sun and the last crimson glow of dusk at sunrise and sunset.

10.  Enjoy the Untouched Beauty of Chail

Chail is remarkable with untouched forest greenery spanning over immense acres of vales and meadows. It is away from the rush of civilization and makes for a lovely serene nesting place for a secluded honeymoon. The much-needed privacy is easily available and Chail has a divine abode in the form of Chail Palace that can add the extra glamour of royalty to the honeymoon stay. The forest trails of fresh green mountain conifers make for stunning trekking and walking paths. Chail offers incredible Himalayan views, soft green valley views, fruit-laden orchards, grassy meadows lined up with pines and oaks to make honeymoon truly enjoyable.

11. Naturally gifted Naldehera

Naldehera is one of the innumerable pristine and secluded hamlets tucked in the folds of the Himalayas on its further upper reaches of the mountains. It offers ample solitude to the newlyweds who continuously look for some time together amidst nature and greenery.

12. Mystic Mashobra

Mashobra is a splendid lush green expanse in Himachal Pradesh and commands a height of about 7700 feet. Mashobra is a pristine land not yet cluttered by much human obstruction. Due to the towering heights of the ranges, the views are spellbinding and gives the pleasure of experiencing enigmatic mist-bathed hills, scent of the trees of pine, oak, cedar and deodar and apple orchards and even gives the honeymoon couples a chance to explore the wildlife frequenting the marshes in and around, especially the bird species.

13. Nahan with

Nahan is that perfect romantic getaway, spread across the silky green and lofty Himalayan Shivalik ranges that overlook a neat small hill town with an endless peace. The town is dotted with beautiful gardens, holy shrines and a beautiful manmade lake teeming with giant mossy fishes and turtles that gather around you on the banks to take morsels from your hand.

14. Memorable Mandi

Packed with a thick green cover of pine trees, deodar trees, and tea plantation, Mandi is also ingrained with rich culture and heritage in the form of its numerous temples spread all across the town. Mandi never fails to enchant its visitors enough with the sparkling Ravi flowing past and the scintillating Prashar Lake, Rewalsar Lake, Sundernagar and Bhuthnath Temple situated nearby. It is the “Varanasi of Hills” with 81 temples spread across.

15. Kaza

Kaza is hemmed by majestic mountains covered in beguiling white snows, meandering and shimmering rivers and striking barren beauteous landscape with sporadic patches of green. Kaza is unique and a sensational honeymoon destination.