Things to Do in Dandeli, Karnataka

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As you ride down towards the river, you can see an amazing variety of birds. Some of the most common types of birds that can be seen in Dandeli are- Hornbills, Daters, Kingfishers, Egrets Darting, Eagles, Falcon, Bulbuls, Magpie, Robin, Woodpeckers, and many more. The tourist visits Dandeli from all over the world just to see the amazing view of birds.

Tourist in Dandeli

At the end of the journey, the tourist can board jeep to their camp sight else you can take a ride in the jeep too deep down in the forest. A century ago the forest was known as the Bison Sanctuary for a very long time when it was home to many interesting animals. If you get lucky, you can see Gaur Indian Bison. However, the number has been fallen. You can book yourself Dandeli Jungle Resorts to have that great time.

Wildlife In Dandeli

Indian Bison is known for is stunning and near to perfect horn. The number of male bison is more in the forest than female bison. Male bison are short in height, but they are very robust inbuilt. On the other hand, female Bison are lightly inbuilt. The average weight of the male Bison is 800Kg. Elephant, Sambar, Bonnet Macaque, Malabar Giant Squirrels, Mongoose, Langur, Wild Dogs, Jackal, Mouse, Deer, Civets, and Porcupines are some of the most common types of animals you can see during your visit in the forest.  Get a best Bison River Resort Dandeli.


What to do in Dandeli

  • The Caves of Kavala

The Kavala Caves are located at a distance of 25 km from the town of Dandeli. The cave is made of limestone known for naturally formed Shiva Lingam. To have the stunning view, the visitors need to crawl deep down to the tunnel for about 40 feet. This is the best place to visit for people those love adventure. It is believed that the Kavala Caves have presence since the pre-historic times. Don’t forget to be beware of rats and bats in the cave. Formed due to the volcanic activities ages ago.

  • The Syntheri Rock

the synthetic Rock is located in the Gundh Range Forest in Anshi Tiger Reserve. The rock is made of Limestone Monolith. It is a remark of natural beauty, will leave a lasting impression on your mind to see again and again. The rock is 300 feet high and 400 feet long with multi-faced coloured. Not only this, the beautiful river passes by through the rock, bewitching the balanced natural beauty. To reach the Syntheri Rock you need to travel all through the town of Dandeli, between the foothills, having the best time with our friends on the way.

  • Molangi

Molnagi is the best to be for the people those who like outdoors spots. It is an incredible place where the gods signature written all over. Molnagi is located 11 – kilometres away from the Wilderness Camp. The place is situated between the dense forest, covered with large bamboo trees all over the place and you can also see the river passing through huge rocks formulation. You can spend your entire day backpacking across the dense forest watching spiders spinning webs around. It is the most popular place in Dandeli for a picnic also one of the safest places for swimming. There are many Resorts in Dandeli. You can book one nearby so that you can enjoy the sunset at Monlagi.

  • Syke’s Point

Syk Point is a famous point in Karnataka for ungendered of the river ‘Kali’. People come to this place from miles for the best view in Karnataka. By the river, one can see stunning lushing green forest all around. The Syke Point is one of the finest points. It is a must-see place. It is a great place for adventure sports in Dandeli as it will take your breath away. A perfect place to enjoy with your friends and family. You need to take permission from the government. If you love river rafting in Dandeli, this is the best place to be. There are numerous Dandeli Cheap Resorts where you can get excellent accommodation services.

  • Supa Dam

Supa Dam is located in Joida Taluk. It is a small village in the town of Dandeli. The Dam is built across the river Kali. The river Kali was early known as Kalinadi (or Kannada). Get a homestay in Dandeli. The Supa Dam was built by the Karnataka Power Corporation Limited. The dam consists of a powerhouse with two electric generators of fifty megawatts each. The storage capacity of the dam is 145 thousand million cubic feet with the height of 101 meters.

  • The Temple of UlaviChanna Basaveshwar

UlaviChannaBasaveshwar, the religious and beautiful place lies between the Western Ghats of Karwar and Dandeli, near the small town of Kumbarwada. The temple is 55 kilometres away from the town of Dandeli. The temple is known for the Samadhi of one of the most respected Saint ‘Channabasaveshwar’ of Lingayat. The saint in the 12th century travelled from the city of Kalyana to

Ulavi, before he died close to the holy Samadhi in the caves of AkkaNagalambike. The cave was named after his mother and sister.

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